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The entry into the line-array era.

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The VERA-SYS-ONE is our high-performance complete line array system. All components are perfectly matched and scalable.

With twelve VERA10 elements and eight VERA  S30 subwoofers together with their dollies, two flying frames and two system amp racks with full cabling, the VERA-SYS-ONE is an impressive system for mid-size events, with powerful sound and yet an unobstrusive look.

But even large scale sound solutions with up to two more VERA-SYS-ONE systems can be done at any time. And with 36 VERA10s plus 24 VERA  S30s, powered by more than 60 kW from just 6 system amp racks you really can do quite a lot.

And if need be, you can of course always extend the VERA-SYS-ONE with our VERA  L24 low-mid extender, or with the VERA  S18 subwoofer in an array with VERA10s, or use our BSX extension for the infra-sub range.

And one more thing. Don’t be put off by line array theory and getting the right setting for the array curvature. With EASE Focus simulation software and the TW AUDiO plug-in you can simulate your sound situation and find the right settings in advance.


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