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Rentable - PRO Digital X-2

Professional Digital Wireless Microphone True diversity Receiver.

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Size: Standard 1U Chassis
Channel Group: Dual Channel
Carrier frequency band: UHF615-655Mhz
Modulation method: FM
Oscillation mode: PLL phase lock frequency synthesizer
Frequency stability: ±0.0005%
Sensitivity: When the offset is equal to 25KHz and input 6dBμV, S/N>60dB
Maximum offset: ±45kHz
Bandwidth: 40MHz
Comprehensive S/N ratio: >108 dB
Comprehensive T.H.D. : <0.4% @ 1 KHz Comprehensive frequency response: 65Hz~18kHz ± 3dB, Maximum output voltage: Balanced: -20dBV/100Ω, Unbalanced: -4dBV/5KΩ. Output socket: XLR balanced and 6.3φ unbalanced socket Effective working distance: generally 200 meters (open space) Power supply: 100 – 240V AC50/60 Hz, 10W Weight: 4.3KG Size (mm): 250 (L) × 43 (H) × 103 (W) Transmitter ​ Carrier frequency band: UHF615-655Mhz Oscillation Mode: PLL Phase Locked Frequency Synthesizer Harmonic radiation: < -63dBm Bandwidth: 80MHz Maximum offset: ± 45KHz Power output: 30mW Frequency response: 50Hz~18KHz Maximum input sound pressure: 130dB SPL Sound head: moving coil Battery: AA×2 Current consumption: <110 mA Size (mm): 265mm Length × 56mm Diameter

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