Radial Engineering Pro RMP

Re-Amping Box


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The re-amping technique has always been the “secret weapon” of numerous recordings of the greatest names in the music business and is often used to give a new sound to guitar, bass, keyboard and even vocal recordings. The Radial ProRMP is a fully passive Re-Amplifier that allows you to re-record a previously recorded track through a guitar amp or an effect pedal to create new and exciting sounds.

The ProRMP Re-Amplifier is extremely easy to use – it is connected between the recording device and your amplifier or effects device and automatically adjusts the impedance. All you have to do is adjust the level!

The secret of the outstanding ProRMP sound is a specially crafted transformer, which matches the balanced, low-impedance signal source for the connection to the high-impedance input of your amplifier and at the same time serves as a mass splitter, which prevents rumble and other noise in the signal caused by mass loops.

Like all radial products, the ProRMP is extremely sturdy. Surrounded by a 2mm steel plate, the unique “book support” design with a welded double T-beam construction ensures that the ProRMP is protected against damage and the board and the soldering points are not subjected to any loads, which significantly increases the reliability . A non-slip full base coating ensures a secure hold and avoids electrical contact points which could lead to ground Loops when touching parts of guitar amplifier housings.

The Radial ProRMP – cost-effective, professional re-amping for every studio!


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