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PRO Splitter DMX 512

Professional DMX Booster


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DMX-8 Splitter is a DMX512 distribution amplifier. It is specially designed for connection of DMX receivers(dimmers, color changers, moving lights, etc.) in a star configuration. DMX-8 can surmount the restriction that single RS485 can only connect 32 sets of equipment. The multiple output optically isolated DMX512 distribution amplifiers have become necessary in many DMX512 systems.

DMX-8 provide total electrical ground isolation between different branches of the star. This greatly decreases problems with ground loops.

DMX-8 amplifies and refits the DMX signal, that it makes the DMX data transmission more reliable.

✔Supports the Remote Device Management Protocol (RDM)
✔Power rated: 15W;
✔DMX Ways: 8 Ports DMX512 Ways;
✔DMX Splitter Type: Input and output are with RS-485 rated;
✔Inputs and outputs electrically isolated
✔Fully compliant to DMX512 specifications;
✔3 pin XLR input and a passive loop through;
✔G.W: 2.5KG;


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