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Pro Antenna D-8

8 Channel Antenna Distribution System  500-950Mhz With Active Directional antenna included.


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Antenna Type:directional antenna
Receiver support:8 Sets
Gain:6db typical
Direction:Oval 180 degree typical
Direction Polarity:Vertical
Connecting terminal: Fixed right-angle BNC pcb jack
Structure:glass copper and copper film coating


1.Product features

The product is a UHF antenna distribution system that can expand the signals
of the wireless microphone system by splitting one pair of the antennas to
wireless receiver.It also amplifies RF signals to compensate for insertion loss
that results from splitting signal power to multiple outputs.And can supply the
power port to the UHF wireless system.

2.System function

1)Expansion capability
Antenna distribution system is used for large UHF wireless system,four wireless receivers can use two same antennas for every unit.Cascade port can
receive the 5th receiver or the 2nd antenna distribution system.
Antenna distribution system and all wireless microphone that work in the compatibility frequency area are compatible.
3)Cascade port
Two 50ΩBNC antenna cascade port can extra connect one antenna distribution system or the fifth wireless receiver.The large wireless system can work by
1 pair antenna.

Active Directional antenna technology index:
Antenna Type Log periodic dipole array antenna
RF Frequency band 500-950MHz
Working voltage 10V DC
Impedence 50Ω
Connector Type BNC
Antenna Gain 7.5dBi

Antenna Distribution System Technology Index
Carrier Wave frequency band 470-960MHz
Input/output antenna connector type BNC
Impedence 50Ω
Output external power supply DC 12V 800mA


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